RC5.2 repairs Single Player, adds butterflies

RC5.2 repairs Single Player, adds butterflies

Some guys decided to attack each other with tanks and you can be one of them. /join #springtanks

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RC5.2 repairs Single Player, adds butterflies

Post by knorke »

(.sdz + .zip map pack)

Last version broke the Single Player, now it is repaired!
The challenges you can select from the menu should all work now.
It even keeps track of your progress!
Win 3 challenges and unlock a lame minigame!
I guess you are already total excited what it is!*
How to start Single Player:
http://springrts.com/wiki/Spring_Tanks# ... _Player_AI
map pack is needed!

Please test the Single Player!
Does the menu work?
Does it track progress? (bottom left corner)
Does it always announce correct winner?

That is pretty much the only purpose of this update...but what else is there?

There are now butterflies.

only Thulsa tanks (the big ones) can knock them down.

*In the likely case that nobody noticed, in previous versions you could pixel paint on the yellow/red blocky "Spring Tanks" logo by clicking.
You can still do that. Now win 3 challenges and paint some more for even more lolz.
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