Current version - always available here

Current version - always available here

Flexible tactical mechanized warfare of the future, spearheaded by role-differentiated Engines Of War!

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Current version - always available here

Post by SeanHeron »

The current version of Engines of War (for test games) can be found here - (v0.0.6). You'll need the New LUPS file! While we stick with the current distribution method (ie download the zipped game-file - I had also been considering rapid), this link will remain stable - at least till we go into beta that is :D.

For full download instructions and links, please visit this thread.

Please give feedback here!
Consecutive Changelogs will be posted here (most recent at top):

Version 0.0.6
- SightDistance of Ground units cut to 2/3 of previous (Engines now 600, UGV's 550)
- added Hotkeys for abilities - "Q" is first ability, "E" is second.

Version 0.0.5
- VTOL sight halved
- VTOL's no longer follow Engines (don't want to have them make frustrating Engine kills)
- destruction of a Dropship no longer totally cancels the UGV's/mobs from that line - instead wavelvl 1 UGV's are spawned from then onwards (rather than the higher level waves that would usually be coming).

Version 0.0.4

- HP and Damage increase per level reduced to 1.2 (was 1.3)
- Bishop nerf: lost EMP shot, gained passive range increase ability (but initial range reduced). Also reduced damage - to base of 40 per shot (was 50)
- respawn time doubled
- Engines now can not shoot at over 90% heat
- Victory condition changed - to destroy all 3 dropships (was only 1)
- some turrets added, and movement through water disabled for Engines (temporarily - plan to add back later) to make backdooring more difficult

- improved / more flexible Engine selection menu (Alter)
- various error and gameinfo spam removed (Sean + Alter)
- Friend/Enemy as Blue and Red in "Engine tracker" (Sean)
- various small GUI improvements (Alter)
- more internal stuff, and some preparation for later changes (pilot Menu, all four Engines in two variants, etc.) (Alter + Sean)
- Commands no longer lost if switching between run/walk (Alter)

Changes from version 0.0.2 to 0.0.3

- Respawn time added (+2 secs per level)
- Further inner restructuring of code
- Spring Engine GUI elements removed (and our GUI slightly improved)
- Auto-repair building in bases added (akin DotA "Fountain")
- Damage increase with levels fixed - values are set somewhat arbitrarily (probably OP)
- some other stats regarding leveling modified
- Fog of war - default on (aka "Los" on)
- New textures for Engines by Smoth
- Normals fixed version of numerous units by Smoth added
- Engines start at "Hold Position" by default (as as the Spring Menu is gone and we have no button for it, you'll have difficulties changing that :P)
- various bugs squashed (and presumably added...)

Changelog : 0.0.2 -0.0.2(midweekversion)
Changes by Alter Heide:
- ability names displayed in GUI for levelups
- a bit of base props was added for both sides
- internal restructuring in Engine Class and related files
- click before Gamestart now doesn't kill the engine selection screen (thanks for pointing out Zwzsg)
- Engines now give more XP than Regular units

Changes by Sean
- EngineTracker GUI added
- SinkingWreckage (by Zwzsg) added
- old/ugly but functional (for me with lazy effort) version of Teamplatter added (by Trepan)
- RedConsole added - (by Regret)
(I really want to point out here again - if it's not obvious from the changelog already - the person doing the actual work here is Alter-Heide).
Engines Of War Developer
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Re: Current version - always available here

Post by SeanHeron »

Bump for delayed changelogs of v0.0.4 and v0.0.5. (Saturday's and Sunday's version respectively).
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