FAO: NOTA Lobby violates GPL!

FAO: NOTA Lobby violates GPL!

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FAO: NOTA Lobby violates GPL!

Post by Kloot »

ATT: notalobby developers

Since the start of this thread the Spring developer team has issued several notifications in private and in public that you are violating Spring's license by linking unitsync to notalobby. Spring and its assorted projects are licensed under the GPL2+ and you legally accepted the consequences of this when you downloaded it. However, your chosen response has so far been either to ignore or to troll us in continued total disregard for our work and wishes, which will not be tolerated any longer.

If you wish to remain part of this community you have two options to cooperate:

1. release notalobby source code under GPL2+ or any compatible license before April 7, 2013
2. reimplement all unitsync functionality on which notalobby depends from scratch and provide us evidence of its removal

Any further discussion and distribution of notalobby in its current form will be blocked until such time we are convinced one of these actions has been carried out.

Take this warning seriously, because it is your last.

Send us a PM if any details are at all unclear.

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Re: FAO: NOTA Lobby violates GPL!

Post by Silentwings »

The above post no longer applies (9/11/15).

Thanks to the NOTA devs for working on the new NOTA lobby

(The old NOTA lobby, which is no longer available, still should not be distributed.)

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