S3O Import/Export plugin for 3DS Max

S3O Import/Export plugin for 3DS Max

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S3O Import/Export plugin for 3DS Max

Post by coolfile »

Here is a s3o plug-in for 3DS Max, written in maxscript. It is open-source and compatible to most versions of 3dsmax.
The texture function isn't supported yet.
How to install
Download it and copy to the folder Scripts\Startup.
Source File
(4.26 KiB) Downloaded 196 times
How to use
See the picture. Click Utilities panel -> Press Maxscript button -> Select
Coolfile's S3O Utility
coolfile_s3o_plugin.jpg (26.77 KiB) Viewed 3769 times
No much more to say, just try it. If any bug is found, please report here.
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Re: S3O Import/Export plugin for 3DS Max

Post by Guessmyname »

Found no absolutely use-killing bugs, but there's a few quirks people should be aware of:
  • All the pieces need to be Editable Meshes
  • You MUST Reset XForm on each piece before exporting or they won't be in the right place (their origins will be; pieces less so). Also be aware that, annoyingly, Reset XForm only applies itself to one of the objects selected. So you'll have to go through one-by-one. Not your fault but people should be aware they'll have to do that.
  • DO NOT WELD UVS (see below)
Thank you for taking the time to make this!

EDIT: ...Having said that...


Looks like it's culling off faces that have overlapped uvs.

I've uploaded the max file I was exporting from and s3o here if you want to take a look.

EDIT: Got it! The overlapping UVs were welded; breaking them so they were separate islands on top of each other fixed the missing geometry.
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