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Post by PepeAmpere » 12 Sep 2012, 23:13

This is forum thread for special NOTA scenario TTD (transportable tower defence).


How to play
  • add one Mission AI bot
  • all players have to be in the same team and all players have to be in different team than Mission AI
  • !setoptions mission_name=ttd (set option Mission "none" => "ttd")
  • !map Throne v1 (be sure you are playing map Throne v1)
What is it about

You defend hill alone (or with 1-8 friends) against hordes of robots. Only you have for defence is 9 airtransports and 45 transportable towers of five types. When fusion generator is killed (=DEFEAT) or when all enemy waves depleted (VICTORY), the game ends.

Transportable Towers

You have 9 towers of each type:
  • LLTs (light laser towers)
  • Spliters (antiarmor towers)
  • Rocket-boxes (mass rocket launchers)
  • Artilery towers - unique for this mission, not in standard NOTA!
  • Flak towers (high altitude anti-air defence) - no air enemies yet, but can be used as fake targets still
Mobile radars

For better reaction on enemy moves and for using full fire range of your weapons you get 4 mobile radar stations.

Other defences

Your base is equiped with some static defences that are basic defence for each sector. It contains two LLTs and one Immolator for each 2nd lvl ramp and 2 entrenched LLTS for each 1st level ramp. There are 5 triplets of AA-machine guns on second level, too.

Guarding these static defences is key for your survival in mission. If you loose them easily in first half of the game, end game waves survival will be much harder.


You can expect 4 types of enemies in current version:
Other settings

The game takes a bit more then 20 minutes to be finished. You can make it longer by changing "hilltime" parameter before start of the game. Every minute in hilltime means 2.5 minute in this mission. Behavior of attack groups and difficulty of the mission can be changed by editing the N.O.E. settings, but the mission was tested only with default numbers.

We appreciate your comments and reflections.

------------ plans for next version --------------
  • when we find fix for this bug, we plan to add repair station for your towers
  • some end boss can be added
  • air attacks
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Post by Godde » 15 Sep 2012, 21:33

Was pretty fun. They were just breaching the top platou by 20 minutes and they exploded.
If you change the length of the game will they keep spawning with bigger and bigger waves?
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Post by PepeAmpere » 16 Sep 2012, 04:06

Godde wrote:If you change the length of the game will they keep spawning with bigger and bigger waves?
They dont, BUT the for the last level there are only few minutes, so with default lenght of the game you experience only one of the strongest attacks. With bigget time setting the last level is longer, so last minutes are much harder becouse many hard attacks in few minutes are launched.

But I plan to change the way of making the mission harder, that levels will keep the lenght and you only set the level where you want to end.
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