Its time we have moderators again

Its time we have moderators again

Hearken back to the days of yore and enjoy the first major Spring module!

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Its time we have moderators again

Post by mongus »

We need active moderators for the xta forum, so please unban our old moderators.
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Re: Its time we have moderators again

Post by gajop »

Some were never banned, other bans have expired. Also, be advised that XTA has changed forums, this one is no longer used.
Also, this is backseat moderation which is against forum rules and you are asked not to repeat it.
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Excess moderation

Post by mongus »

Merged here. (Silentwings.)

As i cant reply to my original post i must make this new one.

I want to tell you are exagerating the moderators duties in these forums

asking for the admins of this forum to be unbanned is NOT backseat moderation and if it were,
I dont think you the moderators, at least gajop to be invulnerable to comments or criticism
We the forum users need a way to let the moderation team know when they are not doing well their job
and there is no other way to do this than posting in the forums, so you at least should accept a small level
of criticism.
Anyhow i insist my other post on when we will have xta forum moderators back is not backseat moderation,
it is just a complaint on why we dont have them

this behaviour shows that what ive been told about excesive moderation in these forums is not a lie.
you are exagerating.
and we the users should be able to tell when some of you are not doing well your job.
Im not sure the actual moderation team is doing well what they are supposed to.

Also, i dont agree on closing xta forums in this site.
I have also heard of other xta players that want to keep having this forums active.
So im not the only one who desires to keep them open.

So please talk to the current mods of xta forum ( i think its jools and knorke), and enable them back.
I know there are some alternative forums but many of us want to keep using this ones.

I will complain to current administration team if this bad behaviour keeps going on, and i think we xta forum users should all complain too if we see our admins are passed by some of the administration team.

gajop: User has been warned for this post, Stop making these threads. If you have any issues with how moderating is done, contact the moderators or administrators via PM.
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Re: Excess moderation

Post by PicassoCT »

There is not such thing as a moderation fetish and..


Also, if complaining excesses.. there's a punishment on this board, worse then banishment, worser then death.. you shall become.. a moderator.
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Re: Excess moderation

Post by Silentwings »

asking for the admins of this forum to be unbanned is NOT backseat moderation
It is, especially when you are asking for the second time in a week.

You seem to be confused about "admins of this forum". All forums, including game sub-forums, are moderated by the moderation term and administered by the administration team. Additionally, some users have extra permissions within sub-forums to sticky/announce/split/etc - these are for organizational purposes, such as release posts, and not for forum moderation. We trust such users not to misuse their extra permissions. The terminology may have confused you, since phpbb (in a hard-coded way) classifies anyone who can sticky/split/etc as a "moderator".
enable them back.
You are again mistaken - the mandatory minimum bans which Jools and Knorke received, as a result of accumulating multiple warnings, have already expired.

As you might imagine, we don't take requests, and our role is to treat all users equally (taking into account their history, when relevent), extra permissions or no extra permissions. You are free to disagree with moderators actions publicly, providing it is not disrespectful, repetitive, or otherwise against our forums rules.
i dont agree on closing xta forums in this site.
The forum move was requested by the developers of XTA - see viewtopic.php?f=48&t=33408. You should contact them if you disagree with it (perhaps their new forum is the place to do this, I don't know).

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