(install) instruction for new players

(install) instruction for new players

A late World War II game which attempts to balance historical realism with a tactically complex model of battle.

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(install) instruction for new players

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Wrote this in the "Decline in the number of players" but copying it over because nobody should read those baww threads anyway ;)
http://spring1944.net/downloads.php ?
which links to http://springfiles.com/spring/games/spring-1944
For playing, you need the Spring Engine! For more Info please look here:

:arrow: Fail, user is now on a page with still no download to the engine, does not know where to put this funny s44v153_marketgarden.sdz he downloaded.
Basically needs a link to http://springrts.com/wiki/Download and to [whatever page explains where to put downloaded maps & games]
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