BA is (not!) without a dev

BA is (not!) without a dev

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BA is (not!) without a dev

Post by Floris »

Unfortunately the one I have planned to replace me (Doo) resigned a little while ago. From this point on, Balanced Annihilation doesn't have a lead developer any longer. In the meantime, I'll leave it in the hands of Bluestone to find a replacement.

Long story short, the ba community split, toxicity and apathy from the playerbase and uberserver management makes this project no longer a worthy investment for me.
As far as I'm considered, BA v10 reached its main goals apart from a fully implemented sea redesign unfortunately.

Thanks to everyone contibuting or playing the many testversions we created.
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Re: BA is without a dev

Post by MasterBel »

I hope I'm not the only one to say this, but thank you very much for all the time and effort put in. Ignoring the balance issue, BA 10 looks amazing, and we wouldn't have any of that without you. I hear other mods benefited from your work too, which is also awesome. Thanks for your amazing work!
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Re: BA is without a dev

Post by dansan »

Thank you for all your work!
Thanks a ton for updating BAs code base (together with FA), so it is fit for the (uncertain) future.
I hope pride in what you archived can balance the shit storm you endured.
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Re: BA is without a dev

Post by flop »

Haters gonna hate
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Re: BA is without a dev

Post by PicassoCT »

Drama doesent compile it seems...

Well the tantrum will move on..
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Re: BA is (not!) without a dev

Post by Silentwings »

I'll leave it in the hands of Bluestone to find a replacement.
Shox has offered to continue the work he started in, and spend time working on BAs balance. <3

The BA repo permissions have been updated ready for this. We had discussions between a few people and it was generally agreed that BAs gui and gfx are awesome right now - for which Floris and others who worked on BA 10 deserve a huge amount of credit. So, those parts stay as they are, and we'll move on to a new phase of balance work, with Shox taking the lead. Others, including myself and Doo, will (continue to) help with technical stuff and bugfixes.

Don't expect anything to happen quickly, especially not over the xmas break.

Lastly, thanks to Floris for 3+ years of hard work!

Retitled the thread :wink:
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Re: BA is (not!) without a dev

Post by Ares »

Thanks and good luck to Shox
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Re: BA is (not!) without a dev

Post by very_bad_soldier »

Thanks to BA devs for all the awesome UI/graphics stuff (and general polishing)!
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Re: BA is (not!) without a dev

Post by IceXuick »

@Floris. I've known you only relative shortly, but i think your drive, speed, knowhow and collaboration in multiple area's that i personally know of, have been a pleasure to witness.

It's often hard, but you have to know you can't please everyone.
You have to do things that some don't like.

I appreciate the chats we've had and it's truly a major loss for BA to see someone go that's so dedicated and has so much passion for RTS games (and TA/BA).

I really, really hope to see you back some day or at least talk to you through Discord or something.

Erase all the bad comments you got thrown at you, trust your own inside-feeling that you did your utmost best, with countless and countless of hours to make BA better. As far as my experience goes - you did exactly that - and more!

Cheers and Game-On!
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Re: BA is (not!) without a dev

Post by Jools »

It has been a pleasure to work with you. Good luck in future endeavours.
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Re: BA is (not!) without a dev

Post by ExitJudas »

thanks for your hard work. I just came back to check out BA after a couple of years, and it looks awesome!
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Re: BA is (not!) without a dev

Post by Flaka »

Thanks for your time and passion u invest into BA (i cant even imagine the countless hours) and shame to the haters which make u leave and never shown much interest in helping getting things going forward.
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