BA 10.05 - Destroyers balance

BA 10.05 - Destroyers balance

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BA 10.05 - Destroyers balance

Post by [Fx]Doo »

I noticed there are no changes to destroyer underwater dmg to commander. It is insanely low at the moment to the point a commander can simply capture a destroyer, if it stays within range, while being shot at.
The damages were indeed kept low for destroyers vs commander in this update. And was halved since 9.46. (42 dps vs 80). It has lost some aoe and velocity aswell, but gained more damages towards submarines.
The "subkiller" role is part of OTA legacy, as destroyers were meant to rule over submarines while having an effective cannon versus buildings and other t1 ships. (Although in ota, there wasnt any "other" t1 ship beside scouts, which fired missiles at both surface and air)

I don't believe it's a bad thing if commander can capture an idle destroyer before it is shot down, but i do agree that if even a microed destroyer is having troubles then its depthcharge damages need a buff.

I have hardly seen any lone destroyer vs commander matchup until now in teamgames.
From my experience, a commander is still helpless against a destroyer, since it will just shoot it underwater from a distance big enough to avoid both laser and capture, and if the commander escapes to land, then it will be able to use its destructive plasma shots.
How is it effectively playing now? What are your feedbacks? Does anyone else feel like klap?

In the case a buff is indeed applied, I think it would consist of a simple damage per hit buff, without changing the reloadtime/projectile velocity, since it's part of what allows the commander to escape. Simultaneously, i would slightly decrease effectiveness towards submarines, not as a counter balance but mostly because it is still high despite the latest nerf, and needs to be toned down again.
Most likely the buff would consist of +25% damages to default armor and 10% less damages to subs to begin with. Further balance if needed after that will of course be possible. This would increase the dps of depthcharges to 52 vs default and decrease to 77 vs submarines (current values are 42 and 85).

If you do think a buff is needed, what are your thoughs on this?

Please, refrain from off-topic posts. You can discuss/submit other balance/dev issues in separate threads for more lisibility. Thank you.
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Re: BA 10.05 - Destroyers balance

Post by klapmongool »

Too bad no one is on here anymore. You have my opinion on the matter.
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