3 Player Coop DSD Tech

3 Player Coop DSD Tech

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3 Player Coop DSD Tech

Post by MasterBel2 »

The other day I was asking people to co-op tech with me. A couple liked the idea, but most of the others seemed to think either a) it wasn't worth it or b) it was a recipe for failure. So I've decided to prove my point.

This took me 47 minutes to play this one game, plus a while to get it so I could actually launch three spring instances on the one computer so I could provide this to you guys. Plus the 25 min trial where I forgot about com dies game ends :( (It was a better trial too.) So I hope you guys appreciate it. And now I'm thinking what else could be done… liche in 5? or less? How soon could you get a reasonable t3 force? How fast could you get a nuke? If you have any wacky ideas for me to try, or something of your own, post them here, I'll give credit to those trying to push forward teamwork in BA.

MasterBel2 (3 player coop tech, DSD): Goli in 5:27, Afus in 8:31. (http://replays.springrts.com/replay/4a1 ... bc4a9feef/)

Good Luck and Have Fun!!!
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Re: 3 Player Coop DSD Tech

Post by Senna »

2 com tech ive made core nuke launched at 12:27. kill 2 enemy techers, then at 15:27 kills 2 enemy base south.

2 com tech also allows afus at 8 T3 at 13 wich is OP
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Re: 3 Player Coop DSD Tech

Post by tzaeru »

Well that would be a change at least - instead of a 8v8 game being basically a glorified 1v1 between 2 techers and 14 fodder players, it'd be a 3v3 between 6 techers and 10 fodder players.

But yeah, pretty well done!
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