Unit Restrictions

Unit Restrictions

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Unit Restrictions

Post by Kakaoi »


Just a quick background: I used to play Balanced Annihilation back in 7.## and it was a blast. My friends and I would set up custom scenarios with unit restrictions.

I have downloaded version 'ba-v9.46.sdz", it is in Documents\My Games\Spring\games
I also just downloaded the latest 103.0 engine for Spring and 0.256 Spring Lobby

When I start up Spring Lobby everything shows fine, and the game is in the correct location, I can select a map and all the normal options fine.

However, under the unit restrictions tab there is nothing listed. Normally there is a complete list of the Balanced TA units on the left as far as I remember.

Anyone have an idea of how to set unit restrictions? Am I missing something obvious?
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Re: Unit Restrictions

Post by MasterBel2 »

Just tested it with BA 9.33-9.54 and SL 0.248, Spring 103.0/100.0. I also get nothing.

I'm not sure, but I think it's been like this for a while. I'd advise to contact abma (springlobby dev) and Floris (BA dev) and see if they know anything about it.
abma wrote:
Floris wrote:quoting you so you'll be notified
Edit: You might want to join the BA discord channel if you want to chat with the devs there. https://discord.gg/aDtX3hW
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Re: Unit Restrictions

Post by abma »

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Re: Unit Restrictions

Post by Floris »

issue has been fixed for next BA release...
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Re: Unit Restrictions

Post by 7Saturn »

Any idea, when there will be a new release? I'm also thinking, that there's another problem with the anti Juno anti jamming units, but I'd like to test that further.
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