Where is the BA Forum ???

Where is the BA Forum ???

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Where is the BA Forum ???

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Hi, I am a noob that visit the forum for the first time and I am looking for more content/discuss_balance of the mod I have fun with : Balanced Annihilation.

Does any one want to indicates me the direct link to it ? Since I am new to this forum, I suppose all the mods are listed in the main page and I will never click on the link project Subforums itself since I assume spring admins of the forum will never hide current most popular content since it is the reason why BA catch players at first who can play other mods then.

I am suprised a mods that do 90% of Spring player database is not listed in the main web page of the forum.

More seriously, people eventullay play other mods after they stick and have fun to one (BA). Decreasing the playing experience by this kind of trick wont do any good to Spring on a long term.

It is like I was starting a advertinsement on the TV with "BMW" and 3 seconds after advertising for a FIAT Panda hopping poeple will stay watching it. After some time, poeple will zap after they see first second of "BMW" advertisement. Sorry for the lame exemple but this is exactmy what it looks like.
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