Instructions for posting screenshots.

Instructions for posting screenshots.

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Instructions for posting screenshots.

Post by SwiftSpear »

Post your item with the screenshot attached to the thread. Add the screenshot search tags in the text body of the image in the following format

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One entry
Another entry
Every line is parsed as a new tag, so it's fine to have multiple word tags, and other whatever stuff

Do Not:
- Post a comment about your screenshot in the text body of your post. It screws up tagging and forces me to edit your post before I can use it. Double post a new reply if you want to comment on your own image, the parser only looks at the first post.

- Post the screenshot as a link in the body of the post. [image] tags break everything

- Forget to tag your image

Thank you.
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Re: Instructions for posting screenshots.

Post by knorke »

Please always include the name of the game and not just the the short form. (or both)
Balanced Annihilation

so viewers actually know what they are looking at.

It seems the title of the thread is used as caption for the image.
So instead of "here are some BA combomb screenshots" put "Balanced Annihilation - ComBombing" or something.
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