Automatically reloading GLSL shaders when coding widgets

Automatically reloading GLSL shaders when coding widgets

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Automatically reloading GLSL shaders when coding widgets

Post by Beherith »

Wouldnt it be nice if a widget would automatically detect changes to the code of a widget, recompile it and apply it upon success?

This code checks the shader sources every 0.25s, and tries to recompile it. So you can have Spring open in one window, your editor in the next, and just have to hit save on the shader code changes!

All the needed bits of this are supplied by the engine, so here is a bit of example code how:

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local luaShaderDir = "LuaUI/Widgets/Include/"
local LuaShader = VFS.Include(luaShaderDir.."LuaShader.lua")

local vsSrcPath = "LuaUI/Widgets/Shaders/decals_gl4.vert.glsl"
local fsSrcPath = "LuaUI/Widgets/Shaders/decals_gl4.frag.glsl"
local gsSrcPath = "LuaUI/Widgets/Shaders/decals_gl4.geom.glsl"

local lastshaderupdate = nil
local shaderSourceCache = {}
local function checkShaderUpdates(vssrcpath, fssrcpath, gssrcpath, shadername, delaytime)
	if lastshaderupdate == nil or 
		Spring.DiffTimers(Spring.GetTimer(), lastshaderupdate) > (delaytime or 0.25) then 
		lastshaderupdate = Spring.GetTimer()
		local vsSrcNew = vssrcpath and VFS.LoadFile(vssrcpath)
		local fsSrcNew = fssrcpath and VFS.LoadFile(fssrcpath)
		local gsSrcNew = gssrcpath and VFS.LoadFile(gssrcpath)
		if  vsSrcNew == shaderSourceCache.vsSrc and 
			fsSrcNew == shaderSourceCache.fsSrc and 
			gsSrcNew == shaderSourceCache.gsSrc then 
			--Spring.Echo("No change in shaders")
			return nil
			local compilestarttime = Spring.GetTimer()
			shaderSourceCache.vsSrc = vsSrcNew
			shaderSourceCache.fsSrc = fsSrcNew
			shaderSourceCache.gsSrc = gsSrcNew
			local engineUniformBufferDefs = LuaShader.GetEngineUniformBufferDefs()
			if vsSrcNew then 
				vsSrcNew = vsSrcNew:gsub("//__ENGINEUNIFORMBUFFERDEFS__", engineUniformBufferDefs)
				vsSrcNew = vsSrcNew:gsub("//__DEFINES__", LuaShader.CreateShaderDefinesString(shaderConfig))
			if fsSrcNew then 
				fsSrcNew = fsSrcNew:gsub("//__ENGINEUNIFORMBUFFERDEFS__", engineUniformBufferDefs)
				fsSrcNew = fsSrcNew:gsub("//__DEFINES__", LuaShader.CreateShaderDefinesString(shaderConfig))
			if gsSrcNew then 
				gsSrcNew = gsSrcNew:gsub("//__ENGINEUNIFORMBUFFERDEFS__", engineUniformBufferDefs)
				gsSrcNew = gsSrcNew:gsub("//__DEFINES__", LuaShader.CreateShaderDefinesString(shaderConfig))
			local reinitshader =  LuaShader(
				vertex = vsSrcNew,
				fragment = fsSrcNew,
				geometry = gsSrcNew,
				uniformInt = {
					heightmapTex = 0,
					miniMapTex = 1,
				uniformFloat = {
					fadeDistance = 3000,
			local shaderCompiled = reinitshader:Initialize()
			Spring.Echo(shadername, " recompiled in ", Spring.DiffTimers(Spring.GetTimer(), compilestarttime, true), "ms at", Spring.GetGameFrame())
			if shaderCompiled then 
				return reinitshader
				return nil
	return nil

function widget:Update()
	decalShader = checkShaderUpdates(vsSrcPath, fsSrcPath, gsSrcPath, "Decals GL4") or decalShader

function widget:Initialize()
	decalShader = checkShaderUpdates(vsSrcPath, fsSrcPath, gsSrcPath, "Decals GL4") or decalShader
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