Improved field of fire display

Improved field of fire display

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Improved field of fire display

Post by ThinkSome »

Does there already exist an improved field-of-fire display code that would, in addition to left and right traverse of deployed guns, show which terrain is hidden behind obstacles and which is not?

The current display of field of fire in s44 is the following:
(75.95 KiB) Not downloaded yet
As you can see, it does not indicate that there is a hill in the way.
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Re: Improved field of fire display

Post by raaar »

it'd be interesting to have this.

Shouldn't be enabled by default it the performance cost is significant, though.
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Re: Improved field of fire display

Post by DmitryProfessional »

You can span circles from afar to up close and apply GetUnitWeaponHaveFreeLineOfFire to the points, finding those which are not obstructed. This will give u a mesh to draw.
And it will be moderately expensive.
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