What's hokomoko been doing?

What's hokomoko been doing?

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What's hokomoko been doing?

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Here I'll try listing stuff that I'm doing and stuff that I recently did. Feel free to discuss/ask questions in PMs/irc,

Color Index:
  • Relevant for engine devs
  • Relevant for content devs
  • Relevant for players

Ongoing work:
  • Fixing bugs
  • Causing new bugs
Recent work (new in 105.0):
  • Save/Load
    • Implementing Lua state serialization

Previous work:
  • Decoupling ExplosionGenerator from creg
  • Fix creg errors
  • Reimplemented Ellipsoid collision volumes. Don't overuse them since they're slower than the rest
  • Added an option to make non fading features
  • Allow changing the damage dealt by a unit's weapons/by a projectile
  • Refactoring transports
    • Every unit (including builders) can be a transport or be transported as well
    • New LuaSyncedCtrl functions to attach/detach units
  • Removing repair/refuel code
    • Reimplemented Drop unload method
    • Removed StartUnload callin (easy to implement in lua)
    • Removed minAirBasePower unitdef tag
    • Removed fuel and all related tags
    • repairBelowHealth moved to MobileCAI
    • Planes now try to land where their last order ended
  • Add demo gzip compression
  • Refactor shields
  • Fix clang travis build
  • Create a 64 bit windows build
  • Fighting desyncs (path cache, float conversion)
  • Fixed #4905: LOS view is no longer ugly when game is paused
  • Fixed #4919: Clicking units (with per-piece colission) could cause other units to be selected
  • Added DEBUG_GLSTATE compile option and GL_STATE_CHECKER macro that allow to check if there are openGL states which weren't reset when they were supposed to.
  • Performance optimisation
    • Implement model&texture preloading - reduces stutters resulting from hard drive activity
    • Fix & increase performance on feature heavy maps
    • Remove dynamic allocations where possible and make arrays hold contiguous data instead of pointers
    • Fix & improve LoS calculation performance
  • Add SFX.RECURSIVE flag to Explode(), allowing to draw the piece and all its children
  • Use weapon priorities when picking a unit's target automatically
  • Add FeatureRulesParams
  • Save/Load
    • Fix saving taking a long time
    • Compress saved files
    • Add more stuff to creg (such as the Cob VM and local models)
  • Make ghosted buildings consistent for non-specfullview spectators
  • Added LuaMenu - an unsynced stripped down lua environment that starts before the game is loaded and persists through reload
  • Implemented VFS modes - VFS.MOD, VFS.MAP & VFS.BASE now actually work. Added VFS.MENU
  • Removed all dependency on boost code in the engine
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Re: What's hokomoko been doing?

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Thanks for the update!
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