How to play multiplayer on Linux?

How to play multiplayer on Linux?

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How to play multiplayer on Linux?

Post by Tronic »

As far as I can tell, there are three lobbys that can run on Linux:
- UnityLobby
- Omni
- AFLobby

(well, technically TASClient could, under wine, but I'm still not counting it)

Out of these, UnityLobby (my version came with 0.74b1, didn't find it for download anywhere and it isn't in SVN trunk) doesn't work very well. I can barely do anything with it and hosting games or joining games just don't seem to be possible. Hosting says "Invalid command format or bad arguments".

Omni is similar to UnityLobby, and can be found on SVN trunk. However, there is virtually no documentation for it (it seems) and it doesn't work either. The buttons on host battle dialog don't do anything.

AFLobby is written in Java, so I'd like to avoid it if possible. Also, it being alpha doesn't suggest it being useful yet.

All that I am interested on is LAN games (behind NAT). Internet games don't matter yet as I stand no chance against the pros there anyway :P

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Post by hollowsoul »

Working on UnityLobby atm
Current svn == basic options & single player & lobby chat atm.
When u walked through Setup at start theres a note saying multiplayer isnt working yet in latest version.

Just added another commit, add UPDATEBATTLEDETAILS which is another step closer to working multiplayer.
Should get there soon enough, mainly support if user == missing map / mod. And displaying spectators somewhere are my next stumbling blocks. Rest will be easy enough todo.

note:- UnityLobby is in svn @

Unfortuntaly auther as disappeared. Was mia before i found out about spring. But luckly he gpl his code, so i borrowed his code for connecting to lobby server. And the bindings for unitsync & python were already done. Which helped alot in coding UnityLobby

Not sure how far along it is. Havent checking in awhile. Believe AF is concreating on background work, leaving GUI to later. Could be very wrong so dont take my word.

Now thats native clients aside.
U really got 4 options
1) Hand make script.txt and each player uses them to launch spring. Means u got to known your oppenent though ... 0start.txt

2) Run TASClient under wine & following instructions on forums. So it launchs native spring.

3) Wait till AFLobby or UnityLobby is done.

4) Make a Lobby Client :P

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Post by hollowsoul »

Completely forgot if u just quick game over lan with no AI.

Try for host
spring -s

And for clients
spring -c

Hope that helps & have fun
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