Twinview, but different size screens

Twinview, but different size screens

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Twinview, but different size screens

Post by Dihi »


I was looking forward to being able to play Spring under Linux with my dual screen setup.

However, I cannot find a way to get it to work properly with my dual screens. One screen is 1680x1050 while the other is 1280x1024. I have them setup using Nvidia twinview as a single desktop.

It seems that if I try and run Spring in "single monitor" mode with a resolution of 1680x1050, I get spring in the middle of the two monitors. However, if I set the resolution to 2560x1050 I get an awful split, with some of the minimap on the main screen.

Is there any way to change the ratio of the screen given to the minimap in dual view or am I stuck with having to change back to single monitor using nvidia-settings everytime I want to play spring?
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Re: Twinview, but different size screens

Post by Vadi »

There's an option in SpringSettings to use a "Dual-screen mode". I think that'll help.

It doesn't come with the 128 version, which in the Ubuntu repos though. So you'll need to download & compile the 132 version: ... 32.tar.bz2
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Re: Twinview, but different size screens

Post by koshi »

Afaik there are no settings to influence the minimap geometry in dual screen mode.
My suggestion would be to experiment with launching spring in a sperate X session. Setting both monitors to 1280*1024 might introduce some distortion on the widescreen one, but could actually be more playable. There's a forum post around that describes how to setup the seperate X session method.
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Re: Twinview, but different size screens

Post by LordMatt »

I have taught several people how to set up spring to use a custom display environment in Linux that is separate from your normal display environment (so that you can use your two displays at their optimum resolutions normally, then switch to something like 2X1280x1024 for spring only). The critical thing to do is make a wrapper shell script for spring and then add a line like:

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xinit /usr/local/games/spring $* -- :1 -config xorg-spring-dualscreens.conf > /home/matt/.spring/console.log
where the custom xorg.conf is in the same directory as your default one.
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