No ability to vote on BlackHoleHosts

No ability to vote on BlackHoleHosts

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No ability to vote on BlackHoleHosts

Post by tdh10 » 16 Oct 2018, 10:20

For some reason Shock_wave decided to take away my ability to be able to vote on the BH hosts.

I want it back for I never abused the voting system in any way. How the fuck do you even abuse the voting system to be begin with wtf :S

I have no issue with telling people to fuck off because they are acting like a little bitch and if people want to kick or ban me for abusive language it is their right to be spineless little cocksucking worm faggot bitches but I want my ability to vote back.

Please and thank you.

User was warned for excessive use of foul language. (Silentwings)
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Re: No ability to vote on BlackHoleHosts

Post by Silentwings » 16 Oct 2018, 12:00

It's possible to 'abuse' SPADS voting system by repeatedly calling pointless/failing votes, or by voting with multiple accounts - for example.

In view of the inappropriate way that you have phrased your first post, this thread is locked. If your second post is similarly poor, you will be banned.
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