Why can't the original AI files be used?

Why can't the original AI files be used?

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Why can't the original AI files be used?

Post by Abomonog » 04 May 2005, 17:28

Looking at the Spring engine I noticed that T.A. still only has 4 planes of movement. Lower (includes water), the standard plane. an upper plane (the cliffs and such), and the flight plane. even though the standard and upper planes are now much more flexable, there is still no changes in the sky and lower planes. (this is only determined through unit movement and behavior observations, I have no idea what your code actually does about altitudes so I may be entirely incorrect here).

My question is, why is there no support for the original ai files untill new one for the engine are created? The way I see it, the AI should behave just fine with the exception of lacking arcing fire, something that should be restricted to mortar fire only anyways.

BTW: it's about time someone gave TA a proper 3d engine. Looks Sweet.
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Post by Vehementi » 05 May 2005, 03:44

The TA AI stuff was super limited... all you could do was edit the priority with which they built units, basically. SY plans to do something better.
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Post by Nemo » 05 May 2005, 04:29

still, queller was amazing considering those limitations

if its possible to just throw in a TA AI without much work, queller should be put in until a more advanced AI is created
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Post by [K.B.] Napalm Cobra » 05 May 2005, 05:51

Apparently 90% of the TA AIwas hardcoded into the engine.
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Post by Triaxx2 » 05 May 2005, 23:16

And that Hard Coding, was what caused most of the problems with the AI in OTA being too easy.
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Post by Abomonog » 06 May 2005, 15:01

The AI was pretty easy in TA overall, but if it's all hard coded into the engine....Good point. :)
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Post by Buggi » 07 May 2005, 22:35

It should be easy...

Code: Select all

while (opponent.IsAlive)
MUAHHAHA :twisted:

Couldn't resist :D
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Post by AF » 07 May 2005, 22:54

hmmm I could well use some of that new style super advanced stuff, ti could really revolutionise my ideas
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Post by BlackLiger » 13 May 2005, 23:19

1) Spring can't use OTA Ais cause of compatability and 3d issues
2) Who the hell wants to play an OTA AI? Even Queller was easy enough. It still rushed you head on and then attacked from all directions WITH AIRCRAFT ONLY.

So basicly, a good net of MTs and the flank the AI base is on covered by ur heavy stuff (allowing for altered paths due to terrain) Would defeat even queller.

3) The objective here is a NONE CHEATING AI.
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Post by smokingwreckage » 15 May 2005, 06:22

One of the problems with the TA ai was that it had certain hard-coded overriding behaviours that limited it and eventually made cheating UNITS necessary for it to be competitive. For instance, it would call back all its units if metal got too low and start building meta makers and moho metal makers..... but it didn't check power, so the metal makers wouldn't work, metal would stay low, and it would build EVEN MORE, all while refusing to attack no matter what numerical advantage it had. These features couldn't be edited or turned off.

So many "ai enhancements" ended up including units for the ai only to build; both discount units and metal makers that didn't need power are examples I think I remember people talking about.
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