RAI 0.601

RAI 0.601

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RAI 0.601

Post by SevenArm23 »

The RAI 0.601 is a really cool AI. He build naval, planes, bots, vehicles and Krogoths. But he don't attack me!
I built a big defence wall.
But nothing cames.
Is this normal?
Is there another AI in work?
Or an Update for RAI 0.601?

I play XTA 9.745.

PS: Sorry for my English
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Re: RAI 0.601

Post by Bla »

RAI isn't a very aggressive AI. It is able to play many games, but can't play many well. Chances are it was stalling resources or that you didn't play it long enough.

What map and game was it? How long did u play for?
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Re: RAI 0.601

Post by gajop »

RAI isn't being developed anymore afaik, so I wouldn't expect this situation to change anytime soon. Not sure if there are any good XTA bots, it might be best to check with the XTA devs (in the XTA forum).
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Re: RAI 0.601

Post by PicassoCT »

RAI is quite impressive in the fact that it can handle any game thrown at it to some degree..

To trigger attacks spawn two attack-able units close together, it also helps to give the AI a start ahead metall/energy wise
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