Eternal Struggle 0.53

Eternal Struggle 0.53

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Eternal Struggle 0.53

Post by LordMuffe »


Time for a new version. 0.53

License changed for the art to CC BY-NC 2.0 ( as suggested by bob and Saktoth). So if there is still someone out there who wants to reuse or modify this stuff, feel free to do so.

If the game gets modified and uploaded, please make sure that the name differentiates it not only by the version number from the official branch.
For example:
bad = Eternal Struggle 0.6XX - ES0.6XX.sdz
good = Eternal Struggle mynick edition 0.1 - ESMNE0.1.sdz

While it would be nice to be credited, its not necessary.



- New model for the NG Powerstation
- New effects, mainly for the missile weapons and explosions.
Made by Saktoth.
- Bombers need longer to reload, but deal more damage per bomb.
- Shields now load twice as fast.
- Added some LUA gadgets like "AttackAir.locals.lua" by KDR_11k.
Hope that is ok.

The mines seem to be broken in the current version of Spring, i will try to fix them till the next release.
Also, the Filemover still doesn┬┤t work with ES. Have no clue why.

some screens of the new unit (click pictures for fullsize viewing)

Downloadlink is still:


Time for a new version. 0.52


- New model for the NG flakfregate
- fixed some errors which caused errormessage-spamming in the chat
- shoudl be compatible with quantums missioneditor now
- fixed invisibel wreckages

Downloadlink is still:

some screens of the new unit (click pictures for fullsize viewing)


Thanks for the nearly 2k dl┬┤s on jobjol.


There is a new version, 0.51, which should fix some issues which appeared in 0.76b1.

-the shots of the fighters disappear as they should
-the collide tag for fighters increase the performance
-some scripting flaws are repaired
-You can build the Gates on water
-Bombers are stronger
-anti-fighter weapons are weaker

Thanks to zwzsg and KDR for testing and the tip with collide=0 :)

The download-link beneath is pointing to the new version.

For ES 0.511


Hi fellow forumusers

I like to announce the new version of my mod, Eternal Struggle 0.5.

This new version includes mainly new units and balance changes from the earlier version.

The biggest change is the inclusion of a commander per side, make it possible to play commander end games. They also provide a stronger starting unit, making bomber- and attack frigate rushes less effective. While they can build gates like the Support frigate, they cant build Geovent-stations. In addition to make them important in long term games, they are the only unit which can build the Destroyers, so you have to use them carefully in attacks.
Image Image

The dreadnought class ships are for dealing with swarms of frights. They provide great firepower against multiple targets at the same time while capable of consuming more damage like the frigates. Like the destroyers they are expensive metal wise, so its hard to spam them. The Narga version provides more hp, three main guns and two anti fighter weapons. The Dolgear version has two main- and four small guns against big ships and structures and is cloak able and faster.
Image Image

The emp frigates are, as the name says, for stunning enemy ships. They are faster than most other big ships and deal no additional damage, making them unable to stun shielded units until the shield is down. Never the less, you can use their speed to pass defenses and deactivate important buildings or units, like artillery frigates. The Dolgear version is faster, cheaper, cloak able and has a longer weapon range. The Narga version has more hp, greater weapon strength, but has to face the enemy ship for two of them to fire. It also has one anti fighter turret.
Image Image

The mine layer frigates serve mainly as build units. They can build defense platforms for assisting and mines for traps, blocking or just blowing up the enemy base by building them close to structures. The Narga version has a small weapon against big ships and two against fighters. Its slower and costs more. It builds the mines and spy mines, but only one type of defense platform. This platform is capable of attacking big and small ships alike, using a sweep laser.
The Dolgear version is faster and cloak able. It has two multi functional beam weapons. The ship can build mines, spy mines and two kinds of platforms. One is strong against fighters, cheap but very light armored. The other is against big ships. Both are able to cloak themselves.
Image Image

To the mines: while the mine is dangerous to enemy ships, small and big ones, it has a great weakness. You cant spot a mine until it attacks one of your units, not even with radar. But most of the time its to late if you see them that way. A normal mine has zero LOS, means itself cant spot the enemy unit. It needs vision from other units, like the spy mine. The spy mine has a proper los, but can be spotted with radar. Once the mines have no more radar or visual insight, you can pass them without danger. If mines are the last units of one player, they uncloak when there is no more energy.

Other changes:

The bombers and the interceptors now have unit limits:
bombers 80
interceptors 120
this is changed mainly for performance.
-bombers costs are increased
-bombers now only attack big ships
-bombs are better guided
-gates now cost metal:
-frigate gate 25m
-fighter gate: 10m
-gates are build able on water
-gates provide less energy
-the gestations weapon systems are weaker
-the destroyers are much stronger and cost more. They take longer to build, too.
-Big ships no longer attack like Rapiers, they stand still.
-Same for the art frigates
-supportfrigate can no longer build destroyers
-Several hp-changes
-Several weapons changed
-fixed some scripts
-tune down the rocket sounds
-and a few minor things...

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

I hope this covers most of it.

I know that its still far from perfect, but its playable. If you have any suggestion about the balance or other things, please tell me.

There is nothing added from the next Spring release ( no CEG, bounce, ... ) , it still works with 0.75. For AI matches, Rai works pretty good.

A last, i want to thank everyone, who tried the older versions of ES and hope that some of you enjoy it as much as i do.

Also, i apologize for my bad English. I hope it is still readable without to much pain.

I wish you a happy new Year in advance.


Eternal Struggle 0.4

Hi springers everywhere

happy christmastime to everybody :)

I want to announce the new version of my space-mod: Eternal Struggle. After implenting the second faction i hope its ready for a releas in ├óÔé¼┼ôpuplic├óÔé¼┬Ø, so i may get some help with the balancing or feedback of any kind.

ES is out since version 0.2 at UF, its made totally from scratch (if that word fits) and is free of any kind of cavedog material. If sombody find some kind of data which is still atari ├óÔé¼┼ôproperty├óÔé¼┬Ø, please to conact me. For the people which didnt played it ( should be the most :) ) here is a little explanation of the gamestyle it provides:

The mod differs in some way from ota like mods. While most of them have a big number of units and a resource system based on metal extractors and power plants, ES goes in a slight different direction.

The whole mod is made for fast battles with large numbers of units and really weak bases.

The only Structures free to build everywhere are the Hyper gates. Unable to make jumps in deeper space regions on there own, frigates and fighters need this buildings to take part at the battlefield. For each of the unit types there is a gate, one for fighters and one for frigates. The gates are not only the 'fabs' of the mod, but also the power plants. They provide enough energy to build other gates and ships.

To get some basedefence and more energy and a tiny income of metal, you need to build the Geoventstation of the faction. The Geoventstation is, like the name says, only build able on geovents, making them strategic spots on a map. They have also some defenceweapons and a shield generator.

There is only one tech level. The supportfrigate, which everybody starts with, is the only mobile build unit, acting as the name says in an supporting role. The mod don t have a Commander, if you loose your supportfrigate and you still have a frigate - gate, you can call a new one in.

There are three classes of mobile units:

Fighters: small, cheap and build for masses
Frigates: backbone of every fleet, providing most of the firepower in the battle
Destroyers: krogothlike unit which is very expensive but strong as well

The big trick of the economic systems starts by the destroyers. While all other units cost only a very small amount of metal, the destroyer needs a a lot of it. The only way to get the necessary metal is by destroying the big ships and structures for their wreckage and resurrecting them. By that, battles are more important and nobody can just afford to sit and wait for getting his uberweapon ( If you don t like that part, you can still start that game with an big amount of start resources ).

Metal spots are unusable, so speedmetalmaps are a bit pointless.

The two factions differ only a bit from each other:
Narga are more on slow but powerful.
Dolgear have cloaking and faster movement speed.
In this point, the factions are comparable with the factions of EE.

The way his mod get played differs much from the people playing it. While some can battle each other for hours, others make a game in 10 till 15 minutes.

More units are planed to differencing the two factions and change the game play to a greater verity of strategy s.

For more information about the specific units, pleas visit the website:

Download is available here: ... &dlid=2076

I would have posted some pictures from the mod in action, but i cant because of my post count, and i dont want to spam the place just to accomplish that :)

some awesome screens from hunter0000 are available at this thread:

More pictures are available at the website and at the UF section of Eternal Struggle.

Hope some of you try the mod and tell me there opinion if the concept works or not. Thank you in advance for reading this and sorry for my bad spelling and grammatik flaws.
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Post by TradeMark »

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Post by AF »

Neato, a spacemod.

Now you can make an NTai config, be sure to check the spacemod checbox though.
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Post by rattle »

The UV maps are worse than mine but it's cool anyway. I like space mods!
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Post by LordMuffe »

thanks :9

i know the uvmaps suck, but i cant get it any better .. and im tired to try it :(

AF: i tryed to make an working config, failed ... im sure its my error. But i realy would like to have a working version, so if somebody achieve it, please make it dlable

oh and dont play with COMEND.. there is no com so it will just end after everybody is ready !!!
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Post by Saktoth »

Hello! Nice mod. Just two things:

All ships land when stopped. Is this intentional? Would it not be better to have at least the frigates if not all the vessels float (Using airhoverfactor=0 in the fbi file?) rather than land? In particular this would allow them to hold position over water (Without putting them on patrol, or such).

Your english is not perfect. This may act as a barrier to the popularity of your mod. If you require an editor, i could perhaps help out.
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Post by LordMuffe »

Hi Saktoth

Thanks for your offer, i would be glad if you could help with translation :)

the hover thing... fighters are suppose to land.
frigates shouldnt land.. they do? i will check and update if it is so.
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Post by Spawn_Retard »

i love this mod :)
and im glad that i had the chance to work some things out with your lordmuffe

if theres anything you need put into english and your finding it hard just ask :)

plus i have some ideas for the next mod

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Post by LordMuffe »

hi spawn

as i mentioned in the lobby, feel free to look in the texts on the website and send me a corrected verion, im sure they are as worse as i felt while i wrote them in the late night to chistmas

thanks for your help with the bugs, too :)
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Post by Abokasee »

I've sent you an email by the way lord muffee about some stuff ok?
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Post by LordMuffe »

if i get it, its ok :)

now to put a screen in here:
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Post by Guessmyname »

why do the blue ships look so grey?
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Post by malric »

Very nice looking mod. Don't know about the gameplay but I like the presentation. Keep up the good work ;).

One question, I tried to attack a geothermal with fighetrs, and they somehow went through it, without doing any damage. No idea what can you do but it is kind of odd... I mean they really swarm a lot but in the end when you look the geothermal is even more exeperienced ;).
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Post by Argh »

Yay! I've been wondering when you'd get around to release this, great to see another S3O mod get done :-)
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Post by LordMuffe »

@ Guessmyname: the problem is the reflection in the second texture, its to high... until now i didnt figured out a good seeting for green. So the dark map makes the ships grey, green maps make them shine green and so on. but i will make it more similar for the Dolgearships in the next release.

@ malric: Thanks. The fighters are only strong against bombers and other fighters and to take the enemys fire away from other ships ( hope that makes sense ). if they attack frigates or structures they dont harm them efficently, its the bombers job :)

@ Argh: Thanks, i really waited for a post from you. your wiki about uvmapping only made it possible for me to create the mod :) . oh and when i started, i didnt even thought abaut the 3do thing, its a mod for spring, not ta.
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Post by malric »

LordMuffe wrote: @ malric: Thanks. The fighters are only strong against bombers and other fighters and to take the enemys fire away from other ships ( hope that makes sense ). if they attack frigates or structures they dont harm them efficently, its the bombers job :)
I got that, my observation was that the fighter seem to pass through the center of the structure... I do not have any ideas but for me it looked strange...
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Post by j5mello »

LordMuffe wrote: take the enemys fire away from other ships ( hope that makes sense ).
Of course it makes sense: its called cannon fodder :o
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Post by FoeOfTheBee »

I played it, it seemed ok. It was a little hard to tell the frigates apart from eachother. Same with bombers/fighters, 'cause they're so small - I zoomed out and relied on the icons.

Anyway, just my first impressions. The resource model seemed unusual - metal only available through reclaiming. I enjoyed it more than Homeworld though.
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Post by LordMuffe »

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Post by FLOZi »

I really need to try this mod. :-)
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