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Post by PicassoCT »

So i want to create a server locally (small machine) that basically does nothing, but pull the most resent mosaic version and play bot vs bot games, while saving the logs. Has anyone here tried a similar setup?

Ive looked at the AI-links
but didnt find something useful.

Anyone some suggstions? Thanks.
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Re: GameTestServer

Post by ChaosNX »

on your local server for testing you could put a git hook in to run your tests

Code: Select all

# on local server

# create a path for bare repo's
mkdir -p /home/<user>/gits/bare/

# Create a bare repo to push stuff into from local computer
git init --bare /home/<user>/gits/bare/MOSAIC

# make post-recieve file
touch /home/<user>/gits/bare/MOSAIC/hooks/post-recieve
chmod +x /home/<user>/gits/bare/MOSAIC/hooks/post-recieve

# add contents of post-recieve

git clone /home/<user>/gits/bare/MOSAIC /home/<user>/.spring/games/MOSAIC.sdd
inside post-recieve

Code: Select all

GIT_WORK_TREE=/home/<user>/.spring/games/MOSAIC.sdd/ git checkout -f

spring-headless /home/<user>/.spring/games/MOSAIC.sdd/test/script1.txt &
spring-headless /home/<user>/.spring/games/MOSAIC.sdd/test/script2.txt &


Code: Select all

# on local programing computer
# setup your .ssh/config with keys
git push --mirror localServerName:/home/<user>/gits/bare/MOSAIC

#to kick off another run on local server
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Re: GameTestServer

Post by raaar »

You could try setting up spads, setting it to auto-add bots to fill in enough players for a 1v1.

I have done so on the MF servers and there i can set myself to spectator and use !start to watch bots 1v1.

Then you'd need to increase the default game speed (maybe the game itself can trigger that) and automatically trigger the "!start" somehow.

example of some of the relevant spads config settings:

localBots:bot1 random MFAI : normal;bot2 random MFAI : normal
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