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[09:14:00] <[Fx]Bluestone> hello #moddev
[09:14:25] <[Fx]Bluestone> when we make the new chat bridges live we're going have a *dedicated* game development channel #gamedev
[09:14:36] <Code_Man> sup
[09:14:38] <Code_Man> k
[09:14:53] <[Fx]Bluestone> i want you to still have a (bridged) channel for general chatmongery and lidl
[09:14:59] <[Fx]Bluestone> the question is what to call it
[09:15:21] <[Fx]Bluestone> not #moddev because its too like #gamedev
[09:15:47] <[Fx]Bluestone> we'll loosely moderate #gamedev to be actual game dev, and your general chatmongery can ofc be about anything you fancy
[09:16:05] <[Fx]Bluestone> so, choose your new name ;)
[09:16:24] <Code_Man> hmm thats a tough one
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