LED resource meter

LED resource meter

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LED resource meter

Post by jj »

This is my concept for a hardware LED metal/energy resource meter:
video 1:http://faq.tweakers.net/cme/64ledbar/divx_vufalloff.avi
video 2: http://faq.tweakers.net/cme/64ledbar/divx_vu.avi

it can show you your metal and energy amounts.
But they can also be used to display the CPU-usage, memory-usage and other things
recent i've made a interface for my pc,wireless transmitter to control
my lights in the house. that one is using the only com-socket, so this one have to be build with an USB connector.

This LED resource meter is easy to build and with cheap components.

the design:

32 leds/channel. all can be controlled individualy with software.
electronics for the usb interface, and a few cheap ic's to switch the 64
leds, and a few transistors.

the led bars can display the resource amounts and are able to blink individualy for notifications, alarms and the resource sharing level
you can control the 64 leds individualy with 256 steps light intensity.
this all at a stunning refreshrate of 75hz, 1.33 ms reactiontime.

i can make the case from wood, prefabricated plastic cases or aluminium.

I can do the hardware/electronics , but i need a little help for the software.
I know how to control such interfaces with some VB code, but thats all.

tell me if you are interested.
i will post the design of a good circuit when its ready and tested :)

price of the components:

32,50 euro

http://www.usb-led-meter.de/index.html (german)

ok, no more need to search for schematics
someone already builded one, with 2x32 leds, including pc interface:
http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/lis ... ges/859305 (dutch)
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Post by FoeOfTheBee »

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Post by Peet »

YES. I'd buy that :)
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Post by BvDorp »

So.. there's this huge area, featuring 1024x768 pixels, or 1280x1024 pixels.. And you want to extend it by 64 dots more?

Other than that; fun thingy! :twisted:
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Post by MadRat »

You need a red one at the bottom that lights up and flashes madly - complete with an audible alarm - when it goes to zilch!
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Post by AF »

This could be done with a groupAI
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Post by Bobcatben »

i been wanting todo something like this with my pocketpc, if i could get the stupid thing to channel tcp threw the docking station :?
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