Shard and Build Processes

Shard and Build Processes

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Shard and Build Processes

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A few months ago Forboding Angel removed a GitHub repo for Shards Evo support thinking it was a safe thing to do because the code wasn't relevant to his game anymore, and he had moved on from the native Shard implementation to a full Lua AI. He was incorrect. After the spring build broke, it was brought to my attention and I attempted to remove the submodule, but Abma did it before I could push the changes up. I got Forboding to restore the GH repository so that existing checkouts weren't broken, and all was fixed.

Suffice to say in the process Abma derailed several important discussions and sapped a lot of the energy and momentum that was building up. I understand that having your build process broken can be frustrating, but this is an open source community, and when on GitHub I expect a certain level of professionalism, especially from somebody with the position within this project that Abma holds. I won't go into details, and will instead point those who are interested to a issue 102 and issue 109

Currently, I'm being held to ransom by Abma. Despite the problem submodule being removed, he's demanding that 2 other actively maintained submodules be removed else Shard will be removed from Spring. If that happens, I will no longer have a means of building Shard, and the last used native AI will die. Said modules have seen commits within the last 4 months and are far from dead.

I've asked if he has alternatives to submodules that would solve the problem that is being faced by having copies of the Shard code replicated in both ShardNative and ShardLua that's currently holding back development, and his response has been just use 1 repo KISS, which is insufficient for our needs.

I've also suggested other solutions but indicated I lack the knowledge and expertise to implement them. For example, instead of a BAR submodule, if the BAR repo tagged a version and Shards downloaded and unpacked the release zip, that would eliminate the submodule. The worst case scenario would be that BAR is not included. I don't know how to make the build scripts do this however. This would also let me separate the C++ code and the lua so that the entire project becomes a lot simpler.

Perhaps the members of this forum can help me?
  • What needs doing to make it download the tagged releases if I can give it the URL?
  • Where do the changes need making?
  • And how does somebody with no CMake knowledge of any kind such as myself learn to make those changes?
Any help would be appreciated
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