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To Help out please read (and help)

Discuss your problems with the latest release of the engine here. Problems with games, maps or other utilities belong in their respective forums.

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Post by aGorm »

What the Hell? It just started working... all on its own?!?!? Nothings changed but suddenly it runs flawlessly!?!?! Weird!

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Post by Yopachi »

Charlemagne wrote: I get one big ass shadow that covers the whole level.
Procesor: AMD Athlon XP 2500+
Memory : 512MB DDR
Video : GeForce 5900 xt (w\ latest drivers)

I get the same big shadow on every map... but when you zoom in the shadow does wierd things.

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Post by Kuroneko »

Athlon 64bit 2.0ghz
Windows XP Pro
512meg DDR
ATI Radeon 9200 SE

EVerything works great, except theres no text on the left side >< (Attack, Trajectory, etc)
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Sean Mirrsen
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Post by Sean Mirrsen »

Hmm... so, I'm not the only one with this weird shadow problem... SJ, you'd like to see this.
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