Read this before you report a problem

Read this before you report a problem

Discuss your problems with the latest release of the engine here. Problems with games, maps or other utilities belong in their respective forums.

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Read this before you report a problem

Post by JeeZ »

Ok, so you have a problem?

Have you...
1) Checked the Readme?
2) Checked the FAQ?
3) Checked the forums to see if somebody else has encountered the same problem?

Ok, fine. If you still don't know what's wrong:

- Create a new thread and describe the problem.
- You can also comment on an existing thread if you think your problem is related in someway to a "known" problem.

Wingflier also made an "alternative", more up-to-date FAQ.
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Post by PauloMorfeo »

If i may add something,

Try to check exactly what is causing the problem, in what circunstances the problem happens.
For example, if the game crashes every time you click on a specific place or if it crashes ocasionally whenever you do some other action.

If you just say that the game crashed, we will not find out much about it.
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Post by Buggi »

The mystery of the disappearing Bertha wall...

Any idea why that's happening?
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Post by Rimburner »

Yo guys,

I have a prob...

I start SPRING and a pop-up appears, "do you want to be server?"
So i hit "No"
And hey-diddly-ho, it says "Needed extension GL_ARB_texture_env_combine not found" in a popup...


Also do i need to install SPRING in the same directory as TA or not.
And will it work if i have CC and BT installed?

Can you play skirmishes on SPRING (I wouldn't know because I have never got it to start!!)
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Post by Gowerlypuff »

Read FAQ in general:

No AI yet.

Spring is also completely standalone.
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Post by Rubenes »

Wierd sync error:

Got multiple of these kind of messages
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Post by zwzsg »

That synch error usually appear when you play with people with different units. The new spring version 0.41b1 now compares units between client and disable the one differents, but maybe it still let player with different models play together. I know that before, when one player had evolva models and the other player no, the chat was flooded by such message but the game could still be played normally without any problem (well, maybe it was a bit instable, I'm not sure, but the game was often finished before any problem could be seen).
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Post by Frog »

Rimburner: Update grafics card drivers, and install direct x 9.
And what grafics card do you have ?
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Post by chillaaa »

To add to Frog's post. That error is shadow issue generally, try turning them off and see what happens
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Post by Vehementi »

He didn't mean report problems in this THREAD, he meant in this FORUM.
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Post by Rimburner »

I got N-Vidia Ge-Force FX 5200.

But don't worry I've fixed it now.

Thx every1.

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Post by Markquan »

ok, I just downloaded TAspring, and I got the same error ('needed extension GL_ARB_texture_env_combine not found') mentioned earlier in this thread. I skimmed through the error topics on this website, read the readme, and checked out other websites, and I'm not finding a solution to the problem. Could I get some advice?

I have a Compaq, it runs an AMD 2.2 GH processor with 512 MB of ram. The graphics card is a Radion 9550 (256 MB)

Thanks :)
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