Three Layer Strategy?

Three Layer Strategy?

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Three Layer Strategy?

Post by LordMeditato »

Some of you might have played the Rise and Fall rts where you can go down and BE one of your guys. I think there should be a three layer, where first there is a Civilization style map, and then an RTS battle mode, and then inside that is a first person shooter mode.

I think this idea is great myself, and it would be great in multiplayer. Unfortunatly, no one's actually ever done it. They've gotton close with Rise and Fall and Battle for Middle Earth II. Now all we have to do is combine those, an WHALLAH...
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Post by pintle »

select a unit (with a weapon) and press c

then go back to normal view

now press tab
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Post by manored »

I think they dont do something like that because, if you have a entire civilization to command, commanding a single guy would be stupid cause your civilization needs you while you do that.
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Post by Min3mat »

none the less i own that game and it is fun! besides you can still vaguely control your units (c was charge and there were others, but not as important ;))
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Post by Ishach »

im strateging now

rite now
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