POI 1 - A thought experiment/ game

POI 1 - A thought experiment/ game

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POI 1 - A thought experiment/ game

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Re: POI 1 - A thought experiment/ game

Post by zwzsg »

Now, let me tell you. I've known bobthedinosaur for a looong time, back from our Wormhole Productions days, along with Gnome. And from the writing style alone, I can tell: This is not from the bobthedinosaur I know.

So, why are you so intent on helping that A.G.I. get out? How comes all the information you can provide are only from the point of view of the A.G.I.? Did your really think our puny human minds would not see through your thin ploy?

But considering this very thread, it is already out in the wild. Which begs the question, why ask us, when it's you who know how you did it? And sorry to burst your bubble, but getting hold of bobthedinosaur account is not superior hacking ability, he probably reused the same password that you must have found in a data breach dump that accidentally found its way into The Library. Lastely, why would you ask humans, if you really have "super solving abilities"?

Thanks for the advance warning anyway!
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