[spam example] was sophomores teaching me

[spam example] was sophomores teaching me

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Re: was sophomores teaching me

Post by Jazcash »

How does this sort of spam work? There's no links in the post or his profile and there's no names of anything mentioned at all o_O
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Re: was sophomores teaching me

Post by 8611 »

Different ways:
Most obvious: Sometimes profile or post get edited to include links.
Or maybe later the "real" spam gets posted in new post and the idea is that longer threads get better searchengine ratings.
Also, confusing spam filters in the internet and in human brain: If there is enough spam it becomes "accepted":
Did you notice how even in this tech-stuff-forum people try to reply to even the dumbest most obvious spam? Not just like to discuss the spam like we now do too :roll: but as serious reply.
Same thing applies to computer: If spam gets mixed with seemingly legit text then it becomes harder to filter by keywords and text analysis.
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Re: [spam example] was sophomores teaching me

Post by abma »

please don't respond to spam, just report / delete it.

i guess the spammer creates some nonsense posts and after some time he edits them.
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