Chris Taylor may be developing Total Annihilation 2 -Podcast

Chris Taylor may be developing Total Annihilation 2 -Podcast

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Chris Taylor may be developing Total Annihilation 2 -Podcast

Post by freezy »

Hey guys :)

I think all of you know the RTS guru himself - Chris Taylor - very well, as he is the creator of Total Annihilation.

Our german RTS community had the chance to do an english 1 hour audio podcast with him about his career, his games and his current plans. Maybe some of you might be curious if he will be going back to his roots for developing Total Annihilation 2. That's what we asked him on our podcast, and while he does not directly answer that question, he gives pretty obvious metaphors...

You should listen to the podcast yourself to read between his lines and decide yourself what he's up to. Our guess is, that he is indeed developing TA2 ;). He also talks about much more interesting stuff, like the development process of games or the state of the games industry.

Link to the podcast: ... st-19-1237

English summary: ... ion-2-1259

German summary: ... ion-2-1258

So what do you think about that? Would you give TA2 a chance or would you rather stick to all the Spring games?
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Re: Chris Taylor may be developing Total Annihilation 2 -Pod

Post by FLOZi »

You phrase it as though it is either or - it is not.

Plenty of Spring players played SupCom 1 and 2 and will play PA and anything that comes from ChrisT.
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Re: Chris Taylor may be developing Total Annihilation 2 -Pod

Post by raaar »

I've been reading ppls opinions about this and one thing most people seem to forget is that CT didn't make TA by himself. He has merit, etc., but...
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Re: Chris Taylor may be developing Total Annihilation 2 -Pod

Post by Pendrokar »

There is something he could make in a genre he hasn't touched, which is Real Time Tactics and an MMO. A planetary scale(almost to scale) MMORTT and partly MMORTS. The RTS part would be so slow that it could even be considered turn based.

So there would be several computer controlled factions, which only control idle units. Players play part of a faction and have an hierarchy power structure. Newest players are allowed to control about a dozen units and as they climb the hierarchy they can control more and more within the faction. Like writing plans for taking over a stronghold which has an anti-nuke silo and after taking it down, conquer multiple regions.

I have no idea how fun it would be though. 8) But it would be more tactical with reinforcements and not having to worry about an impassable area. There would no waiting since the player could jump from one battle to another.

I think this kind of game would quite appropriate with Chris being part of Wargaming.
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