The end of the internet?

The end of the internet?

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The end of the internet?

Post by bartvbl »

Not sure if anyone has seen it yet, but the countdown has started for the last IP addresses to be assigned.
They have calculated that it are 62 days left until IPcalypse.

Some people on twitter have started the countdown about a year ago:

My opinion: IPv6: this is your chance for showing your real glory =)
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Re: The end of the internet?

Post by Jazcash »

Well suited to be 10 years after Y2K. 10 more years and we'll be running out of domain names or something.
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Re: The end of the internet?

Post by SwiftSpear »

internet != free available IP addresses.
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Re: The end of the internet?

Post by PicassoCT »

All those IP: Adresses i boarded and hoarded, and loaded with pron, they are going to be worth something. Muhaha, its all mine now, bow before your lord and master of treasury. And they said im mad for investing everything into those numbers the agency sold me. Now, who is getting the last laugh.

Emperor Norton. Here comes Picasso, your successor.
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