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Which mod should be default for playing online?

XTA + Evolva models
OTA + Evolva models
Other mod, i posted the name of this mod
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Frog wrote:Doomweaver and VonGratz:
Could you try to explain why UH is superior to XTA in your opinion ?
I haven´t played UH for a while, but I remember thinking: "this is really strange" at first. For me it was like a completly new game. New units and changed unit roles did that for me, I think.
In XTA on the other hand I had more of a "this is how it always should have been" feeling (excluding Goliaths maybe :D ) . There are only two new units, and I have the feeling that the units perform as per their description . So please tell me what is off balance in XTA in your opinion, and which changes are larger than those done by UH. Thanks :)
IMHO, and "personnal taste", UH, with their only AA modifications, plus nearly all modifications Bugfix have, presents for me a better playing.But its just my opinion.

The better thing in TA, IMHO, its just the possibility of any guy put their Mod ideas in pratice, buiding their "ideal "game.
Im making, for years, my own Mod, without any super-dupper 3d level unit, new textures, and now Im going to put 3DOs in, what I consider, the Spring style little improved models with all faces to looking better.Its a naval oriented Mod, but with land unit packs and full of tactical "short" range not queued nuke weapons.
Also I dont consider XTA inferior to UH, its only another approach of the same incredible cool game.
In XTA Missile frigates misle launchers are not so beauty animated but works faster.The giant tanks are impressive.The fusions have a good size.
I only would like to see cons planes with slower speed and small defense 3DOs.
Graatz :wink:
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