/luaui in .74b1

/luaui in .74b1

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/luaui in .74b1

Post by apc »

It is said in .74b1 changelog:

- Renamed the /layout command to /luaui
- Renamed the "ctrlpanel.lua" file to "gui.lua"

Where am I expected to find this "gui.lua"?
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Post by Chojin »

Hello apc,

I played with this a little, my results:

I actually took an old ctrlpanel.lua found somewhere in this forum, adjusted it with the help of Trepan & Spring\docs\ua_ui_interface.txt and added a second button so far.

(there is a bug in that help document though: Use "ConfigureLayout()" instead of the new "ConfigCommand()")

Trepan also posted a lot of examples and help about it, check the development subforum.

Good luck!
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