Spring Frequently Asked Questions - Look here first

Spring Frequently Asked Questions - Look here first

Various things about Spring that do not fit in any of the other forums listed below, including forum rules.

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Spring Frequently Asked Questions - Look here first

Post by Wingflier »

Well, since the lobby is down; I decided to do something productive and compile a list of FAQs. Please feel free too add your question if need be.

-Updated as of April 30, 2005-

Here goes -

People talk about 'Single Player'. How do I start a single player game?
-You will have to go into your TA Spring folder and find the 'Spring.exe' file. Double click on it and say 'yes' to host.

When I try to make a single player game, it gives me an error.
-Your graphics card probably can't support Spring. If you read the requirements it did say GeForce 3 or better. Go to the settings file in your TA Spring directory and lower some of the options. Sometimes that works.

Does TA Spring support AI Players?
-Not yet. Fortunately for you they are currently working on it, :)

When I try to connect to the lobby it gives me an error.
-There could be 2 problems. Either you don't have an account, or the server is down. If you don't have an account, make one. If the server is down, you'll just have to wait.

I often join games and when I type messages no one responds too me.
-That's probably because the game has started. Unfortunately you can't tell. The best way to find a game that hasn't started is to use the lobby chat room or look for games that only have 1 person in them. Obviously you can't be playing with yourself...

Sometimes when I try too join games it gives me an error.
-The host is behind a firewall.

When I make games nobody joins.
-You are probably behind a firewall

When a multiplayer game starts I never make it past the loading screen.
-This indicates a problem with your video card. Once again the best way to deal with this situation is to make sure your video card has the latest updates and that all Spring video features are on the lowest settings.

When a multiplayer game starts, I make it past the loading screen, but when I get into the game it says, "Waiting for Host", and does a 10 second countdown. It always reaches zero and boots me out, what gives?
This is a firewall issue. There are three things you can do to fix this. First, make sure your windows firewall is either off, or is not blocking the TA: Spring application. Secondly, if you are behind a router, you can forward the ports that the host is using (especially if you are the host), and it usually fixes the problem. To do this you must go to your router configuration page. You can see what port 'you' are using (as the host), by hosting a multiplayer game in the Spring Lobby. You must make this your trigger port, and make sure that it is open for both TCP and UDP. Thirdly, if none of the aforementioned worked. The best thing to do (assuming you are behind a router) is to set the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). All you have to do is find the personal IP if the computer you are using and add it to your router's DMZ list.
Good Luck :wink:

Sometimes when I chat in the 'game lobby', people can't hear me.
-I would recommend closing and restarting the whole Spring application after each successful game. Weird things tend too happen. (By successful I mean all the players loaded and the game started.)

I got into the game, but some people didn't.
-Then they probably are having firewall or video card difficulty. That is not your fault. Please ask them too leave if they are still there when you get into the 'game lobby'.

What is with this weird right-click mode? I'm bout to break my keyboard.
-Sorry, you'll just have to get used to it. As of now it can't be changed.

Why is somebody else also controlling my units?
-In the 'game lobby' there are two sets of teams. There are the 'Teams' and the 'Ally Teams'. If you are on the same 'Team', then you both get the same commander, and can control the same units. If you are on 'Ally Teams', then you both get different commanders and can't control each others units.

Then why would I want to be on the same 'Team' as somebody?
-Because it's fun to just drive around units and not have to worry about commanding. (Assuming that one of the people on the team is commanding.)

How do I talk to my allies only?
-You must type 'a:' before you speak. Here's an example: a: Now I am talking to my allies only.

Help! After I'm finished driving a unit, the camera is all insane! This is nuts! How do I fix it?
-Whoa now. Calm down. Just press ctrl + mouse button 3 to change camera modes.

After I'm finished driving a unit, where what used too be my mouse pointer is now a crosshair. Why?
-This is a special 'view mode' that allows you to move around the screen much faster. It's good for viewing the battle or getting screenshots. Simply press on your third mouse button too revert back to your mouse pointer.

But I don't have a third mouse button!
-The key 'J' works in the same way as the 'middle mouse button' does. So where you would use ctrl + middle mouse button to change camera modes, ctrl + j does the same thing. Pressing J once will also switch you from 'crosshair mode' to 'pointer mode' and vice versa.

What the heck. My kbot constructor vehicle never gets his jobs done. Why?
-It's because the 'wireframes' don't stay long enough for him to start his job. This a minor bug and will probably be fixed soon. The best thing to do is not too give him a 'queue' of jobs. He can do one job at a time. It's when he has too close and then open his 'hatch' in the middle of starting a job that creates the problem.

Sometimes my units just get deleted. Why?
-For some reason units get deleted when they go into the wrong places. Where are the wrong places? Nobody really knows. Just hope for the best.

People are cheating! How do I stop it?!
-Well currently, you can't. The best thing to do is just not play with the cheaters anymore.

Well how do you cheat?
-Well first you have to do three successful backflips while chanting I love my mommy. Then you lick your computer screen and say, "Please oh please give me lots of metal and energy."...

How do I ally or unally in game?
-I'm pretty sure you can't. Yet.

How do I give somebody units or metal or energy?
-Press 'H'.

How do I continually give somebody metal and/or energy after a certain point (i.e. Original TA commands +setshare..., +shareall)?
-You'll notice that on your metal and energy bars (top of screen), there are two red bars. You have to put them wherever you want your metal and energy too be shared after.

Man I am soooo sick of XTA. How do I play AA or OTA instead?
-Well. Somebody has made a patch to turn TA Spring into OTA. Caydr is working on the Absolute Annihilation patch. It will be out soon. But really, why would you want to go back to OTA.

Why am I destroyed so easily by long range assaults?
-This is a realistic feature of TA Spring. Units will automatically attack 'radar blips' (units that they can not actually see, but that are indicated on radar). However, the accuracy is very bad while shooting at radar blips until 1)Your unit kills a lot of units and gets experience, or 2)You get a targetting facility.

How do I unbeach my ship?
-This is a bug. But apparently if you destroy the land around your ship, you can get her unstuck.

Can I kick people from my 'game lobby' or my game?
-First of all, you have to be the host to kick. In theory, you would right click on someone's name in the 'game lobby' and that would give you the option to kick them. This feature is not currently supported, however, but it will be fixed soon.

When I'm 'driving' my commander, I can't use my laser?
-The TA: Spring team will most likely add a way for you to use your commander's laser soon.

I hate driving around with the 'arrow keys'. Is there any way I can use the 'W-A-S-D' controls(the controls most First Person Shooters use anymore)?
-Go into your Spring directory and edit the uikeys file. Keep in mind that 'S' is originally a 'hot-key' that will stop your units and that 'D' is a 'hot-key' for your commander's D-Gun. You might want to change those too.

I turned the shadows feature on; I still don't see shadows. What gives?
-It's a bug. Shadows don't work. It will most likely be fixed in the near future.

I can't go backwards when I am 'driving' a unit. Why not?
-Because TA units where never intended to go backwards. Sorry.

I'm in the Unreal Tournament 2004 kind of mood. How do I strafe?
-You can only strafe in 'brawler type' ships(The brawler, rapier, and light gunships.)

Sometimes when I play with certain people I get HUGE sync errors that continue throughout the game.
-It's because they have a differen't mod installed than you. If, for example, you have not installed a mod, and somebody is in the game with you that has the OTA mod installed, it will cause the 'sync' error.

I commonly see 'lobby games' that have more people in them than they are supposed to handle (meaning a game with 5 out of 4 people or the like...).
This is a bug. Apparently, either the player limit is very high or non-existant in TA Spring. Please exercise some courtesy and try not too join games if they are 'full'.

Well. That's all I can think of right now. Once again, tell me if I need too add any.
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Post by genblood »

.... Excellent job ....

.... alot of good information ... :-)
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Re: Spring Frequently Asked Questions - Look here first

Post by Liam »

Wingflier wrote:I hate driving around with the 'arrow keys'. Is there any way I can use the 'W-A-S-D' controls(the controls most First Person Shooters use anymore)?
-Go into your Spring directory and edit the uikeys file.
that isn't actually a good idea, since 'd' 'a' and 's' are still dgun, attack and stop respectively.
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Post by Agiel »

Don't kids learn the difference between one and two 'o's after the 't' nowadays?

Other than that. Really informative post. Just one thing. An AI interface is being worked on. You should change that or else this forum will be filled with unnecessary complaints.
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nice job

Post by mongus »

Very informative faq.

just wanted to add that u "can" unbeach ur units, just destroy the terrain aronud them (works best on naval units) , or (have not tryid this myself) use the freaker to "restore" (reclaim?) an area of the map to original shape (see in-game button descritions).

Its usefull when ur only Warlord runs ground... :shock:

(this method can be destructive)
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Post by JeeZ »

I think JouninKomiko is actually working on a skirmish AI...not sure though. Jou?
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Post by clericvash »

i thought they all said there was no plans to make one ever
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Post by Webbie »

Two/three amendments:

1) There will be an AI in future.

2) Crashing during the loading process is not indicative of firewall/connection issues. It DOES indicate video or other issues.

3) Crashing after loading (with the map displayed, with "Connecting to host" briefly on the screen) does indicate firewall issues.
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Post by jouninkomiko »

yes, it is true that i have picked up the task of making an AI. however, the first step is to make an AI interface so one can be plugged in, so im going to do that first, right after i fix and add some features to the lobby.
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Post by Frog »

Very cool FAQ, these are just the questions I have been asking myself :)
Just two little amendments:

-srtg + j changes the view mode as well, you don´t need a third mouse button to drive units :)
-shadows work as far as I know (not with my geforce 1 though :D ), but spring automatically switches them of for grafics cards / drivers that can´t handle them.

Other than that, very good job :)
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Post by Wingflier »

srtg + j changes the view mode?

What is srtg?
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Post by Webbie »

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Sean Mirrsen
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Post by Sean Mirrsen »

"SRTG" must be an awfully misspelled (the worst case of spelling mistake I've seen so far) "CTRL".
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Post by JeeZ »

I think you can find "SRTG" instead of "CTRL" on a german keyboard layout or something like that....
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Post by Isaactoo »

I just press J to switch from the mouse to the crosshair.
allot of this stuff is in the uikeys.txt
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Post by Frog »

Sorry, yes that was a bit thoughtless of me: strg is short for "Steuerung" which means as much as "control" in german. So basically its ctrl.
And I didn´t mean swithching from mouse to crosshair, but from Total War, to FPS ot TA style view.
Same as ctrl + third mouse button , but useful for all those people who don´t have one of those :D

Oh and more importantly: Please add something along these lines:

How can I record and watch demos ?

The game is always recorded to test.sdf which is overwritten in each new game. Change the name if you want to save it. To view a demo start spring.exe as non server and enter the full demo name (coolgame.sdf for example) as server address. You must change the name to something else than test.sdf to view a demo.

Thank you :)

I also just saw you already added the ctrl+j function, good going :)
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Post by Torrasque »

don't read this
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Post by Frog »

update please !
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Post by Zoombie »

Ihave a question or two. Where did the Capture button go? Do you need a new units? What!! Two, Is theire falling damage? I turned the gravity down to 1 on a map, so when a powerfull explosion can send my comander and other small flying OFF the map. So iwas just wondering if they take damage with less seveir falls (because when they went of the map they exploded and the game crashed).
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Post by Wingflier »

Frog wrote:update please !
what needs updated give me a list.
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