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many small rooms > one large one

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Re: many small rooms > one large one

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MasterBel wrote:
06 Sep 2019, 15:27
Does anyone remember why [Fx]Droid doesn't play BA? But that information will be less likely to help other games.
I played BA obsessively from when I was 14 until I was 20. Stopped playing partly due to burnout and partly due to games devolving into mostly 20+ player DSD matches. Haven't felt the need to return because every time I've checked in the past, BA had less players every time and was still DSD only. Also wanted to see some progress with all the models that were made for BAR but nobody did anything with them.

I'm 26 now working 9-6 and my attention span's been warped to the point where something has to be instantly satisfying from the start for me to want to keep playing. If I now only just discovered any SpringRTS game for the first time, I imagine I'd uninstall it after 5 minutes.
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Re: many small rooms > one large one

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