How to advertise Spring?

How to advertise Spring?

Various things about Spring that do not fit in any of the other forums listed below, including forum rules.

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How to advertise Spring?

Post by adammuelta »

I think we have to advertise Spring and make it more popular.

This will have a lot of advantages, e.g.:
  • new, fresh players
    more designer, modders, scripters and so on -> new mods/maps; faster and better releases
    more people who can donate this project -> more possibilities (e.g. new servers, implement new ideas faster,...)
But how can we make this project more popular to get new players, scripter, modders etc.?
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Re: How to advertise Spring?

Post by PicassoCT »

Post strange stuff, that is funny to every gamer on image hosting pages?
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Re: How to advertise Spring?

Post by MasterBel »

hi adammuelta, I've not seen you about before! But that's part of the problem. Does anyone actually know we exist?

Here's another part of the problem… what's the community like? If you were to come here, would you stay? Why/why not?

If people know we exist, why aren't they telling people?

What about the people who already know we exist and have a passion for coding? Why are they not contributing? Did they try to contribute once? What happened?

I think Spring has all the advertisment it needs to get going, personally. I mean, we've launched games on Steam. But what happened to them? Why?

Have you ever tried contributing?
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Re: How to advertise Spring?

Post by raaar »

I've posted about my game in particular, sometimes about new releases, sometimes refer the other spring games, the spring "ecossystem", but 99.9% people don't seem to give a shit, often I get no feedback at all.

Other times spring related stuff seems to grab some attention and get some positive feedback. I'm not sure what's worth doing in terms of advertising (reward/effort).

lack of focus on who we want to draw can also be a problem as we might get people with different interests who won't bond with each other and any of our games.
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