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The case of xzalion.

Various things about Spring that do not fit in any of the other forums listed below, including forum rules.

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Re: The case of xzalion.

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SpliFF wrote:Boo Hoo.

Either he knuckles down and does hard labor to create his game - or not. xzalion has not done the hard work. He does not appear to be trying. He wants the world to center around himself, he has contributed nothing of importance, asked no questions of relevance, done a hissy-fit and will not be missed.

When I came here I helped out with the engine, asked relevant questions, and limited self-promotion to occasions where feedback was necessary. When my project has something worth showing I'll sing my praises then.

See the difference?

Do we have to be nice to annoying people? That sounds rather boring and churchey to me. Do you want to baby-sit and placate somebody who hasn't done 1% of what's needed but floods the board with talk of his achievements? Who spends more time talking than working?

Do you want things to be all business round here or would you rather have fun? Do you want to call a spade a shovel because you'll be punished if you don't? Do you want to trade bluntness for essays that try to talk around the point without really saying it?

This is not a church. It is not a school, a business, an agency, a charity or anything else that owes the world its existence. If you can't have fun here then where? If xzalion can't handle the truth - the simple truth that he should act first and talk later; if rudeness doesn't get through, and politeness obviously failed, then it's time to leave. If he thinks other communities will treat him any better he's in for a shock.

More moderation is not the answer to this problem. This community, for the most part, IS nice - but it is selective about who it is nice to. That's how it should be.

If you can't handle criticism, get the fuck off the Internets.

Yeah seriously. I come to this forum for A) interesting stuff related to spring and B) laughs. There's funny people here and I don't want to come to the forum just to read 20 long-winded posts directed at noob who wouldn't understand a post that said nothing more than "fuck you", lets not waste time on idiots like that. I feel no obligation to be nice to anyone unless I like them or think they'd help the community, even in a very very small way. Xzalion is stupid, annoying, oblivious, and incapable of learning. Why are some of you defending him? Who gives a shit if he's new, it doesn't make us look bad as a community, because we were nice until he wasn't nice.

That said I don't think we should have trolled him either. Once it was obvious what kind of person he was (especially after thread spam) he should have been banned and all this retarded "BE NICE TO NOOBS YOU GUYS THIS MAKES US LOOK BAD" drama never would have happened.

Stop making a big deal out of it. There are noobs, and then there are idiots. You have to earn respect, this is true anywhere on the internet. If you are rude and ignore people trying to help you you deserve to be removed from their community.
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Re: The case of xzalion.

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I think half the forum has breathed a sigh of relief at beheriths sticky, something a lot of us have been wishing got done for a long time now, its good to see things are moving ^_^
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Re: The case of xzalion.

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Gota wrote:Gah...This is entertaining...I guess the moderators find his thread entertaining as well since that would be the only reason not to close it.
This ganging up on Xal is ridiculous.
No, the only reason not to close it would be to see the various opinions expressed in a direct discussion about the culture of the forum. I will close it now, however.

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