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How would you like testing to progress? Should we arrange some procedures for how bugs are reported and fixed?

Just using this forum I would suggest placing each bug in a thread of its own. All details of the bug need to be reported, including a description of it, what its effects are and full steps of how to reproduce it. The thread's subject should contain a brief description of the bug.

Once reported, any questions about it by the developers are asked in the thread, and they can then confirm that they can reproduce the bug. Anyone else can add to the thread to say they were able to reproduce the bug, or add additional information about its effects and reproducing it.

Once fixed, the developers posts a report to say it's fixed, and its up to the tester to test and confirm its fixed (or otherwise) when they receive the appropriate build. Once a consensus is reached, it can be confirmed fixed and the thread can be closed.

Finally, all bugs need to be reported in this way, including those known about already so that they can be tracked in this way.

Sound simple enough?
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