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Im seriously pissed

Various things about Spring that do not fit in any of the other forums listed below, including forum rules.

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Re: Im seriously pissed

Post by Scikar »

Masure wrote:
KaiserJ wrote:- Autohosts are a democracy for nothing. It's often a mess.

have you ever come to bogans? :mrgreen: we're notoriously tight with our commands, if you want to do anything other than votemap, votekick or ring... (anything that lags or spams the host)... the gestapo will show up at your house in the middle of the night.
No I didn't AFAIK.

But this would mean that a boss is there to manage. In a human hosted game, there is always a boss and a single one.

This is my point on democracy concern in spring hosting...

It's still a democracy thing I guess and a lot of time people seem to be to stupid to vote on anything at all, but it exists for a reason. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to disable all of the options except !voteboss on autohosts, thinking about it.
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Re: Im seriously pissed

Post by YHCIR »

It gives real people less incentive to host as all the players are already in an autohost, often with absent admins so the game isn't properly managed.
This ^

The only problem with autohosts is when they are misconfigured, ie when you can't auto-spec people that don't ready up, and when people PM the bot with autolock, when you votekick some idiot just for him to just instantly rejoin.
It's great that autohosts are around, but they are a lot of hassle when you get a small problem.
e.g. If some guy has been speccing a previous game and left his PC on, the next game you have to call voteforce, which is just extra hassle!

!voteboss never works unless you join when the host as 0 players, or you have loaded the host with your clan-rape team (in which case nobody will join)
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Re: Im seriously pissed

Post by [TS]Lollocide »

Tribulex wrote: Wow try this: build an llt

Build one in front of it

Repeat and rinse as necessary
That's the nooby 'get rolled by 5 flash' porc walk, I'm talkin blocking up the map so badly that they have to use several nuclear laxitives to even get close to breaking through.

Besides, the porc-walk tactic isn't useful for offensive, the idea behind it is basically fuck up any attacks that come and give as much time as possible for your allies to utilise your defended position to launch their own attacks under the cover of jammers and heavy defenses. (And also draw enemy forces into said defenses to exhaust their offense).
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Re: Im seriously pissed

Post by lurker »

KaiserJ wrote:processing power
Masure wrote:fake open games status
Either of you been paying attention recently? Not a complaint, I just don't know how relevant your opinions on autohosts are.
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Re: Im seriously pissed

Post by BattleMonk »

if enemy has a bunch of llts just make loads of samsons. I prefer to porc walk with both llts and nanos :)
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Re: Im seriously pissed

Post by ZellSF »

So I talked to bobbelurman today, guess what? He's still pissed. He claims I was harassing him, so I thought I would upload a replay of it:

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Re: Im seriously pissed

Post by Peet »

Locked at OP request.

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