Springfiles Upspring Link

Springfiles Upspring Link

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Springfiles Upspring Link

Post by MasterBel »

We have someone in BAR asking about upspring, seems the wiki links to http://springfiles.com/spring/tools/upspring which, since the SF migration, is a dead link.

I tried just substituting "springfiles.springrts.com" for "springfiles.com" but still dead link.

Anyone know about this, and is it possible for the new SF frontend to make some legacy stuff available like this - I've been meaning to ask about the repository of widgets that used to be there, too, which the new frontend appears to not provide access to.

P.S. There's probably a better subforum for this thread
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Re: Springfiles Upspring Link

Post by PicassoCT »

(3 MiB) Downloaded 5 times

Here if you want to build it from source.

You wouldnt download a zip from a well known crazy person..
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