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by Tekspdy
17 Mar 2013, 19:11
Forum: Help & Bugs
Topic: Crash when zooming out mid-play.
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Crash when zooming out mid-play.

After playing the game for a few minutes with my friend, I zoom out to check on what he's doing and I crash. Happens every single time the same way, give or take a minute or two. Help would be much appreciated, used to play this game without problems, on the same pc too (except new gfx card)! Window...
by Tekspdy
26 Oct 2009, 00:58
Forum: Ingame Community
Topic: Issue with spawns (lobby-side)
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Issue with spawns (lobby-side)

Forgive me if the new recent updates have corrected this. I used to play Spring about half a year ago, and the issue my friend and I would always have, is we cannot corner camp together. Basically, spawning via the map-number system means we are on opposite sides of the map, or if we do the "ch...

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