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by Speedy
20 Jan 2008, 15:59
Forum: Argh's Projects
Topic: P.U.R.E. 0.55
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Helping hand

If you would like a modeler to help out with this, I'm all game!

And a little something to convince you. :)
by Speedy
20 Jan 2008, 14:00
Forum: Art & Modelling
Topic: my models
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Re: my models

Sheekel wrote:Out of curiosity, what program are you using?
He is using Final render for the rendering.

I use it too. :)
by Speedy
07 Jul 2006, 16:04
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: NOiZE
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Patch the holes next to my zippers!
by Speedy
26 Jun 2006, 13:32
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: What happened to FU
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speedmetal, speedmetal duo v 1 and 2 Let's go back in to the past, and eliminate runecrafter before even remaking that map... But on a more serious matter, There could be a scheme that would make the host of the battle upload the map to all players that don't have it yet before precalculating. That...
by Speedy
26 Jun 2006, 01:21
Forum: Engine
Topic: Dev ideas / technology
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Hmm.. I made a little render using 3d studio max and afterburn.
here's the result: <- video

(copy and paste please, Can't make links for some shady reason (New user's cant post links? D:)

That kind of fire i spring would be fingerlicking great. D:
by Speedy
24 Jun 2006, 18:54
Forum: Engine
Topic: Dev ideas / technology
Replies: 14
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Altogether, that was an interesting article. I agree, the "fake-volumetric particle" thing is really cool. I can't help feeling, though, that they deliberately hid some very important details about how that technique is realised, though. Agreed, since volume particles would atleast need a bumpmap(o...

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