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by RebelNode
22 Aug 2017, 21:13
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Smurf database access
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Smurf database access

I take breaks from the community every now and then. And then when I return everyone has changed their username 5 times so it feels like I no longer know anyone. Of course it's still the same people, I just don't know who is who. Do we have any database of username-changes that I could query? I mean...
by RebelNode
02 Mar 2016, 18:59
Forum: SpringLobby Client
Topic: SpringLobby datadirs
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SpringLobby datadirs

So I'm on 64-bit Win10 and I have springlobby installed in a directory where I usually install games. Whenever I download mods/maps/engine with springlobby it will place them in "My documents\My Games\Spring". This is also where it will look for them when refreshing mods/maps so it works g...

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