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by Combine
24 Mar 2006, 23:33
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Gosu Player ?
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Been away for a bit, but from what I recall of XTA, definitely Min3Mat, heze, SJ, RedDragon, mother spring immediately to mind.

I used to have a replay of SJ winning a 5v1 on Tendril Mountain (where he was the 1, naturally). I'll see if I can track it down.
by Combine
12 Jan 2006, 09:01
Forum: Game Development
Topic: Star Wars space mod?
Replies: 108
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In short, this looks amazing , Spiked! I've been excited about Empire at War since it was announced, but this has me ready to drop the whole thing and just keep playing Spring until the end of time. I know you're still lacking models and such, but are you at the point of being able to do a preview r...
by Combine
08 Nov 2005, 18:46
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Unit Request: Lvl 2 anti-air KBot
Replies: 44
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I could make a cheap new AA unit based on the Raven's design, but I already designed a unit that kinda looks like a PeeWee with 2 cannons on each arm. Oooh, a Rifleman (well, not quite)! I've always loved quad-barrel designs. That said, for flavor I'd prefer EMG's over flak. Along with the lightnin...

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