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by ballsystemlord
19 May 2017, 04:19
Forum: Kernel Panic
Topic: Problem with Spring 100.0 + KP 4.6?
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Re: Problem with Spring 100.0 + KP 4.6?

Not a KP dev, but sharing your infolog: and maybe even replays: would be helpful. However, it's likely that KP just isn't going to work on Spring 100.0 if the dev hasn't updated it yet I'm experiencing the same problem...
by ballsystemlord
03 Mar 2012, 19:55
Forum: Linux
Topic: my maps are all white!!
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my maps are all white!!

:cry: My maps are all white!
I tried to fallow a link as was recommended by spring lobby but the file nolonger
Here is the non existent like address

1: How do I get the maps to be thier normal colors??

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