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0000771Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-01-04 01:03
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000771: [patch] Revive Mac support, initial changes
DescriptionThis patch allows compilation on MacOS X using XCode. Mac support is not finished yet, it needs proper packaging and building the AIs, among other stuff.

See the forum for more info:

Diff'ed against revision 5236
Additional InformationThe main changes in this:
- Update the XCode project file
- Change declaration of unsigned int to GLuint in apropriate places.
- Disabled the outdated QuickTime image loader. Will use DevIL instead
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imbaczek (reporter)

i wonder if we should wait for the next bugfix release with this or not. probably depends on the release schedule, which afaik doesn't exist. Tobi?


tvo (reporter)

Thank you for the patch, it is committed now! Looking forward to proper Mac support, even though I don't own one :x

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