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0000740Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-12-31 14:25
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000740: StartPosSelector is above WidgetSelector (r5174)
DescriptionSee topic. If I want to disable a widget it doesn't work, it set a new startpos instead.
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has duplicate 0000741closed when choosing startpos, LuaUI widget selector doesn't respond to clicks 



tvo (reporter)

fixed (r5189)

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2007-12-30 20:29 Auswaschbar New Issue
2007-12-30 20:39 tvo Relationship added has duplicate 0000741
2007-12-30 21:11 tvo Summary StartPosSelector is above WidgetSelector => StartPosSelector is above WidgetSelector (r5174)
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2007-12-31 14:24 tvo Assigned To => tvo
2007-12-31 14:25 tvo Status assigned => resolved
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