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0000739Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-02-08 20:49
Assigned ToAuswaschbar 
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Summary0000739: hosted replays have a bug
Descriptiona hosted replay doesn't get through choose start position/waiting for players state.
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el_matarife (reporter)

Last edited: 2008-01-01 16:52

I suggest this be changed to BLOCKING status if it hasn't been fixed. SVN revision 5178 is listed as an attempt to fix it, it should probably be tested at the 7PM GMT test group.


imbaczek (reporter)

i don't think this should block; this doesn't affect the possibility of watching demos, it only makes it impossible to watch demos with several people at once. IMHO this can wait for a while (especially that Auswaschbar machine broke down.)


tvo (reporter)

Upgrading to major cause it is indeed bigger then minor.
Not worth blocking the release tho, as imbaczek said, in my experience replay hosting isn't used that often anyway.


Auswaschbar (reporter)

Its still not working with current rev?


LordMatt (reporter)

Well I could use one, but it didn't wait until everyone was ready to start, it just started right away (and had a long countdown to -60+), but that is mainly a cosmetic bug.


Auswaschbar (reporter)

It was supposed to wait until all players have finished loading and start right after that. Did it that or did it start earlier?

Did the demo run while the countdown was active?


LordMatt (reporter)

Well basically the countdown happens from the very beginning, rather than only starting when all players have readied up (as before). So it gets to a very high negative value before the demo actually starts playing (i.e. people start moving their commanders around).


Auswaschbar (reporter)

Please retest r5255


imbaczek (reporter)

doesn't work as of r5257, still doesn't go past 'choose start pos' here.


Auswaschbar (reporter)

Did you show up as a spectator in the playerlist?


imbaczek (reporter)

I did, but not the players that were actually playing in the demoed game.

Also, the start positions widget (or what it is) isn't drawing all start positions (and doesn't draw the same positions for all players.)


Auswaschbar (reporter)

From rev5727 it should go like the following:
Host start
-> waits till all clients have finished loading
-> It should print "Starting demo playback..." then
-> demo should start

I *really* hope that it now works like described

PS.: Since the demo contains the loading time inside it can take some time until something happens on the screen

PPS.: I can't implement a wait until "ready-up" now because of engine limitations (all spectators are in team 0 (and ready is a team value))


imbaczek (reporter)

it sortof works now - demo playback is fine.

what's wrong now:
- two end game windows appear
- if you play back a rerecorded demo (example attached), it'll play faster than normal (twice the speed?)


Auswaschbar (reporter)

Two gameend windows got fixed

Issue left:
To fast replay of rerecorded demos


Auswaschbar (reporter)

Should be fixed with latest changes (rev 5468)

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